The new website is ready!

So I went ahead and applied the theme I’ve been working on to the WordPress installation running the website. I’m pretty proud of it – it works great in Chrome, Firefox and even modern versions of Internet Explorer, which has traditionally been the last bastion of standards noncompliance. It also looks better and was easier to code than the ill-advised “make everything enormous” theme that preceded it – not that I ever got anywhere with that layout. Read on for more information and a list of what’s still to come!

This website is the result of about a week and a half’s worth of serious effort (seriously – I actually marked development time on my calendar to stop myself from just playing Batman: Arkham Asylum after work every day). The knowledge to actually finish it comes largely from working on The Cavalier Daily Online Edition, which itself has been made much better by a hard-working online editor.

So anyway here’s what still has to be done.

I’m looking forward to it!